Frida Kahlo
She is also included in the list of most inspiring peoples of the world with major disabilities. She is considered as a renowned Mexican painter who created different inspiring and beautiful paintings. It is said about her paintings that most of them being self-portraits which reflected her pain and sorrow. She mainly used different vibrant colors in her paintings that were mostly influenced by the cultures of Mexico. It was also achievement of Frida Kahlo that her work was purchased by an International museum. She suffered from the problem of polio at the age of six and due to this problem her right leg remained thinner than the left. She disguised this problem be wearing long, colorful skirts throughout her life. It has been conjectured that she also suffered from spina bifida, which is a congenital disease that could have affected both spinal and legal development. She also faced immense pain due to these problems but she never compromised on her work.